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Family Law

Representation for Family Court NMO’s, CAO’s to FDR’s

Family Law is a minefield of emotional trials and tribulations, simplicity, honesty and the reflective rights and best wishes of the Children are at the forefront of our service.

All Family Law is Passed on to Curtis Law Solicitors at the Final Stage for Legal Representation.

At Green Cross Solutions we understand that these Family matters are extremely stressful, emotional, financially challenging and life changing. We are here to assist and relieve the stress and confusion of the Family Court arena.

By working closely with our clients and informing the Judges of the true and correct wishes of the child or children, correctly awarding the CAO Child Arrangements Order then an FDR Financial Directions Resolution, agreement can actively be sort in the correct manner inline with Child Maintenance Payments and any Equity, Savings or Home Ownership

With a successful record in representing and supporting parents, in there difficult and mentally draining, Family Court proceedings. Both Mother’s and Father’s find this arena a confusing environment.

Green Cross Solutions are here to Represent you and explain all aspects of the process from Paperwork to (CAO) Child Arrangement Order negotiations to (FDR) Financial Dispute Resolution negotiations

An average LLB Solicitor will charge £ 900 to £ 1500 per day
At Green Cross Solutions, we offer an in-depth and knowledge based service at an affordable rate

With the experience of dealing with the Preparation of Court Paperwork :-

(CAO) Child Arrangement Orders, C100 to C1A forms,

(NMO) Non-Molestation Orders.

(OO) Occupation Orders

First Statements through to evidence gathering and exhibiting evidence for both Magistrates and Family Courts.

FDR) Financial Directions Resolution

(S7R) Section 7 Reports review and negotiations of Section 7 Report with CAFCAS Officers or (LA) Local Authority, Social Workers.

Installing confidence in our clients for Family Court and giving a support service that focuses on the child as well as the parents capabilities and timescales for the most important factors :-

Achieving fair and workable agreements both in and out of Court.

Stable and Consistent ‘Contact Orders’

Shared Care Arrangements Orders (Both Parents)

To Live with Orders Individual Parent (Mother or Father) ‘

Green Cross Solutions has in-depth knowledge of dealing with all matters surrounding the Family Court and the required paperwork.

We have successfully raised and had Complaints against Children’s Services Authorities, when they have misrepresented facts and made Section 7 reporting errors and misjudgements. These have been escalated through Stage 1, Stage2 and Stage 3 Complaints, that have also escalated to a Stage 3 Panel review by the Head of Children’s Services and Independent Specialists to resolve and complete the Complaints process to the highest level possible within a Local Authority.

Then to continue the Complaint by raising professional concerns with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) for individual Social Workers and their Managers and Heads of Service. In addition complaining to the Local Government Ombudsman (LGSCO) regarding the Local Authorities actions and failings of both statute working practices and unprofessional conduct of the Authorities Management structure and failure to adhere to the complaints process and guidelines. We have raised successful Complaints with the Following Professional Bodies :-

HCPC Health and Care Professions Council

LGSCO Local Government and Social Care Ombudsmen

IOPC Independent Office for Police Conduct

ICO Information Commissioners Office (Data Protection)

NMC Nursing and Midwifery Council

LGCS Local Government Children’s Services

This has led to Parents having decisions made wrongly against them both Mothers and Fathers being reviewed and decisions being reversed and changed. Thus allowing Children and Parents to have the correct contact or living Orders (CAO) with Parents wishes, as per the structure for the Children’s best wishes.

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